La CALORITE® is a product based on Vermiculite with organic binders.

This product has been developed in technological and production terms entirely by SILCA ITALIA srl. It finds many fields of use for thermal insulation in the sector of condensation boilers for domestic use and in household electrical appliances fo cooking food, thanks to the complete absence of fibers and elements which are toxic and polluting for man and the environment, which makes the product advantageous and interesting compared to normal fibrous products on the market and therefore an extremely valid alternative.


Burner doors
combustion chamber insulation
Smoke baffles
Door insulation
Boiler case backs
Pressure washer insulation
furnace insulation
Hob insulation


Technical characteristics:

High temperature resistance 1000°C
Excellent insulating properties
High dimensional stability during operation
Excellent mechanical strength
Resistance to carbon oxide and monoxide and hydrocarbons
Good resistance to thermal shock
Low density 550-700 Kg/m³
Excellent sound and dielectric insulation
Easy to work with normal woodworking tools