Informative on the treatment of the personal data

Informative on the treatment of the personal data ex artt. 13-14 UE 2016/679

Subject Parties! navigators Internet Site.

Silca-Italia Srl in the quality of Holder of the treatment of your personal dotes, to the senses and for the effects of the UE 2016 / 679 following 'GDPR', with the present one informs you that the above menthioned normative foresees the guardianship of the pClfties in comparison to the treatment of the personal data and that such treatment will concerns the principles of correctness, legality, transparency and of guardianship of your reservation and rights.

Your personal data will be treated in accord to the legislative dispositions of the normative above stated and of the necessary obligations of reservation.

Finality and juridical base of the treatment.. Particularly your data will be treated for the following connected purpose to the realization of relative fulfillm~mt s to legislative or contractual obligations:

  • necessary finality to verify, to practice or to defend a right in court or when the jurisdictional authorities practice their jurisdictional functions;
  • finality of evolved navigation or management of the contents personalized;
  • inherent finality the execution of a contract of which you are part of, or the execution of pre-contractual measures adopted on your request ( e.g. Application of contract through Contracts form, registration to the services eventually available in the site from Silca-Italia Sri, etc.);
  • finality of searches and statistic analysis on united or anonymous data, without possibility to identify the consumer, directs to measure the operation of the site, to measure the traffic and to evaluate usability and interest.

Modalities of the processing. Your personal data con be processed os follows:

  • through electronic calculators with use of systems software managed by third parties;
  • through electronic calculators with use of systems software· managed or directly programmed;
  • temporary treatment in anonymous form.

Every treatment happens in the respect of the formalities os the artt. 6,32 of the GDPR and through the adoption of the security measures laid down.

Comunicazione.  Your data will exclusively be communicated to competent subjects and duly named for the accomplishment of the necessary services to a correct management of the relationship, with guarantee of guardianship of the subject's rights.

Your data will entirely be processed from personal expressly authorized by the Holder and, particularly, from the fo following categories of employees:

  • programmers and Analysts;
  • marketing department.

Your data con be communicated to third parties fully named Datel Controller, particularly to:

  • Google AdWords: Advertising service, Advertising Target, Analytical/ Measurement, Personalizzation of the contents, Optimization;
  • Google Analytics: Advertising Target, Analytical/Measurement, Optimization;
  • to the necessary subjects for the delivery of services offered by the Porta l such as for example the dispatch of e-mail and the analysis of the operation of the Site typically acting as responsible of the treatment of Silca -ltalia Srl. /li>

Communication.  Your personal data cannot be transferred in any way.

Your personal data con also be transferred, limitely to the purpose of above, in the following states:

  • some of your Personal Data ore transferred to Recipients that could be situated out of the European Economic Space. Silca-Italia assures that the electronic and propery treatment of your personal data from the Recipients happens in the respect of the Normative applicable. The transfers ore alternatively based on a decision of adeguacy or on the Standard Model Clauses approved by the European Commission.

Period of maintenance. . We inform you that, in the respect of the prindps of low, limitation of the finalities and minimisation of the data, to the senses of the art.5 GDPS, the time of maintenance of your personal data is established for a period not superior to the accomplishment of the disbursed services.

Handling of cookies.  In case you hove doubts or worries regarding the use of the cookies is always possible to take action to prevent the formulation and the reading of it, for example modifying the formulations on the privacy inside your browser with the purpose to stop determines types of it.

Since every browser and different versions of the some browser often differ sensitively also the one from the others, if you prefer to autonomously act trough the preferences of your browser, you can find detailed information on the necessary procedure in the guide of your browser consulting the informative on the cookies connecting with the internet address

The advertising companies allow besides to abdicate the receipt of contemplated announcements, if you wont. It doesn't prevent the formulation of the cookies, but it interrupts the use and the harvest of some data from such societies.

For further informations and possibility of renouncement, visit the address

Holder of the treatment of the data.. Under the law is Silca- ltalioJ Sri via Mattei 5/ 11 - 30037 Scorze (VE) Italy the + 39 041 5841220 Fax +39041 447130 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. P.lVA 08000023096 in the person of the legal representative pro tempore.

You have the right to get from the holder the cancellation (right to be forgotten), the limitation, the updating, the rectification, the portability, the opposition 10 the treatment of the personal data wich concerns you, os well as in general you can practice all the rights laid down from the artt. 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 of the GDPR.

You can also consult in every moment the updated version of the present informative connecting you to the address internet UE 2016/679: Artt. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 - Data subject's rights

1. The person concerned is entitled to get the confirmation of the existence or otherwise of the personal dato concerning it, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form.

2. The person concerned has the right to get the indication:

  1. of the origin of the personal data;
  2. of the finality and formality of the treatment;
  3. of the logic applied in case of treatment effected with the aid of electronic tools;
  4. of the identification details of the holder, of the persons responsible and of the designate representative in the territory of the State, of persons responsible or entrusted.

3. The subject has the right to get:

  1. the updating, the rectification or, when is interested, the integration of the data;
  2. the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data treated in violation of law, inclusive those of which is not necessary the storage in order to the purposes for which the data have been collected or further processed;
  3. the attestation concerning the operations referred to in points 01 and b) hove been made aware, including as regards their contents, of those people to which have been communicated or diffused, excepted the case in which such fulfillment reveals it impossible or it behaves an disproportionate employment of means in comparison to protected right;
  4. the portability of the data.

4. The person concerned shall have the right of obiection in full or in part:

  1. for legitimate motives to the treatment of the personal data th(lt concern him, if pertinent to the purpose of the harvest;
  2. to the treatment of the personal data regarding him for the sending of advertising material or of direct sole or for the conclusion of searches of market or of commercial communication.


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