About us...

SILCA ITALIA SRL is the result of thirty years of increasing specialisation in top quality fire protection products, and in the marketing and production of industrial heat insulation products. Situated in Scorzè, at just 15 km from Venezia, the company headquarters comprise the sales and engineering offices, the warehouse and production lines that occupy together more than 2.200 square meters. The strongpoint and driving philosophy of SILCA ITALIA SRL is direct customer service, technical assistance and ready call-out to all their installation.

Besides marketing the standard materials, SILCA ITALIA SRL has refined its production of materials to the customer's specification (gluing, assembly, cutting, packaging and machining with NC machine tools) in the following fields:

 Civil and industrial boilers

 Ovens, pellet stoves, fireplaces and electrical appliances

 Constructors of ovens, engineering plant and companies

 Steel, metal, petrochemical industries and foundries


 Glassworks and potteries